Paid Advertising

Digital Marketing Services

Paid Advertising

Digital Marketing Services

Paid Advertising that gets results.

SEO involves two kinds of search options: organic search and paid search.


The main difference is money. With organic search, the way a client’s company displays on a search engine is decided by search engine algorithms and can be optimized by SEO experts based on how the website is written (cue our team here).

Proven results.

No matter which form of search is right for you, we’ll make our recommendations and test the waters for you. Then, we show you results with monthly reports and breakdowns of what’s going on behind the scenes, so that they can see what’s bringing customers to your website and where customers are landing on the site.

Paid to be seen.

With paid search, sometimes known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, companies pay to have their website or specific pages from their site display higher on the search-results page to potential customers who input particular keywords (our team does this too). The amount a company pays is determined by how many clicks or views the paid advertisement gets.


Not sure whether organic search or paid search is the right choice? Ask us. We help you choose which is the best fit for your current needs and future goals, and we make our best, educated suggestions to get you maximum results over time.

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