Video Production Services


Video Production Services

What happens after the shoot?

We offer turnkey post-production services – meaning once you have done your part in the video shoot, you’re off the hook and we’ll take it the rest of the way.


In post-production, your vision becomes a reality. It’s where the blueprint becomes the gorgeous house of your dreams. With our cutting-edge editing equipment and software, we take the footage from production to a refined final product.


Whether we shoot the initial video or not, we can always help with post-production, saving you time and ensuring the correct steps are taken to produce the best quality final videos.

Where the magic happens

A lot happens in video post-production. It’s where we edit the video – slicing and dicing the footage to make it into whatever your end goal is. We also do video color correction, so that the final product is as crisp, clear, and colorful as possible.


Motion media, motion graphics, or animation can be added along with sound for a sophisticated, professional video. We also offer professional voice-over recording services so that the desired voice and messaging can be edited into the video.

Seen by many, if not all!

Once you have approved the final product, we can do a variety of format transfers (such as .mov, .wmv, or .mp4) so that the correct video format is readily available for immediate use.


Not sure how to get a video the traction it needs to make an impact? That’s why we’re here! Our team helps you get your video out there so that it’s seen by as many people as possible and gets the right results.

CRAIMARK makes the post-production process infinitely easier for any business.


Video Production Services

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