Content Creation

Website Development Services

Content Creation

Website Development Services

Colorful stories crafted.

We’ve found that many of our clients get into this predicament: they’re ready to design a website, they know what they want on it and how they want it to look, but they have no idea how to write content to get the results they want.


CRAIMARK has you covered from website inception to completion with the options of custom website design, e-commerce web development, and content writing. Our writers can compose content for any type of business.

Put your press foot forward.

Anything you think is newsworthy within your company may also be of interest to your ideal audience or even to the media. Who can be relied on to get the word out to the masses? If the answer is “no one,” the CRAIMARK team will help you spread your message as far as we can reach.


Here’s how our press release process works:

First, you send us your press-worthy topic and any pertinent information or point us to a team member whom we can interview about the topic.

Then our writers will draft a press release for your approval. It will not only highlight the current news but also mention other notable accolades when appropriate to capture attention.

We then post the press release to a selected section of your website, post it to social media, and share a final version with your team to send out to whomever you plan to target – an e-blast database is generally a good way to do this.

Finally, depending on budget and topic, we can share with media contacts or post to the wire where local or national news outlets can pick it up.

We’ll do the story telling.

We love the art of content creation, and we make it simple for you. Just send over as much direction as you can and our writing team will do the necessary research to craft an accurate story with clear brand direction for your website.


Website Development Services

We make you stand out in a good way with our website development services

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