What is a SCIF Container?

SCIF Global Technologies



SCIF Global Technologies is one of the few small businesses in the United States able to fulfill the critical need for truly secure facilities for SCI or Special Access Programs (SAP). We can be your sole source for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) or SAP Facilities that deny foreign intelligence services and other unauthorized personnel the opportunity for undetected entry into those facilities and exploitation of sensitive activities.


We complete all projects to exact individual customer requirements–on-time, within budget, and built to the most current directives: JAFAN 6/9 and ICD 705. We work with you throughout the entire process and document the progress of your project to help with your Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC).  Give us a call. We keep the process simple–from project conception to mission-ready facilities–by providing impeccable customer service. We are dedicated to our motto: Results. Not Excuses.

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