Video Production Services


Video Production Services

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We want your potential customers to understand your message loud and clear. That’s why we offer extensive audio services in our studio located in Jacksonville, FL. From post-production to radio-production to voice overs for various needs, our creative team will make sure when you are ready to be heard, everyone will listen.


We do it all. No matter what kind of post work is needed, our audio-video gurus are on it. Any recording requirements can be done in-house at our studio. Our team will handle editing for sound pops, pitch issues and everything else to ensure a perfect product whether it’s for use online or in TV, radio, or film.

Radio Production

It’s the medium we must thank for television, and a lot of people think it was the launchpad for a great deal of the media we love today! Radio is still very much alive! It gives advertisers a chance to have a voice and hold a certain power over the listener if the message is transmitted in a compelling, informative, and unique way.


That’s where we come in. We help you create ideal radio commercials with full creative production done in-house. Everything from developing the copy or scripts for the spot, to voice-over recording in our state-of-the-art studio, to finding the ideal music to enhance any radio spot from our music library, to final production and submission to radio stations if needed – it’s all available at CRAIMARK. Our creative team can also work to create a catchy jingle for your radio spots.

We’ll do it all.

We work with any length radio spot ranging from :10 to as long as needed. If a spot needs a unique voice to sell the company, we work to find the flawless voice to reflect your business. CRAIMARK has widely diverse voice-over partners, including voices with accents, male and female voices, and even multiple voices per spot.


Need help negotiating with the radio stations? If you want to be on air but don’t know where to start, we have long-standing relationships within the radio business and will work to negotiate media buys, find clients the right spot schedule, and turn over the final spots as needed.


Video Production Services

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